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LawyerEX Cyprus 27 May 2021

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LawyerEX Cyprus 27 May 2021

We have the special honor to announce the participation of attorney Paşcui Gabriel-Valeriu at this special event which will take place in Cyprus.

The National Union of Romanian Bars participates as a partner in the LawyerEX Project, which aims to exchange lawyers between European Union (EU) countries, which aims to allow greater mobility of lawyers within the European Union and to contribute to the development of a judicial European Culture.

The project is led by the European Bar Foundation, in partnership with national bar associations in Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Spain, with legal advisers in Poland and local bars in Athens, Barcelona and Paris.

We are looking forward to sharing our experience gained during this event.

Atty. Gabriel-Valeriu Pașcui